The WINGS project was born in the spring of 2018. The founder of the project Yulia Ivanova - is the face and heart of WINGS. 


When creating the project, we had a desire to do something absolutely wonderful.

We unite people who want to develop and improve themselves.

Do this with your children and inspire them with your example.



We care about the environment and evolve according to the principle of sustainable development.

We use only eco-friendly, natural and high quality fabrics from European manufacturers that are certified by the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) or GOTS (Organic Textile Standard).

We avoid sewn-on elements and unnecessary details.

We pay great attention to comfort and elegance. Some products are sewn with the use of manual labor.

Based on our values we are very demanding of our European suppliers of fabrics and companies that provide services for our performance.

We constantly strive for development and self-improvement, and we urge you to do this together with us.



We create comfortable, beautiful and practical clothes that emphasize the beauty of the female body, its smoothness and curves.

We focus on color and exclusively natural fabrics.

Our unitards, leotards, sports sets are multifunctional - they can be used to dance, ballet, fitness, yoga, pilates, stretching and wear in everyday life.

Women loving themselves and their bodies - our clients and muses!

Manufacturing is carried out in Moscow (Russia) and is distinguished by consistently high quality and safety standards.

We pay attention to every detail.

Every unitard, leotard or ballet shoes contains a piece of our love.



Over the years of practice and research in the art of dance and improving our body we have accumulated knowledge and experience that we are ready to share with everyone.

We have come up with a system of classes for women, based on classy exercise, gymnastics, yoga and strength exercises, which are designed to strengthen, not pump up muscles, increase endurance, not exhaust. Classes for pregnant women and mothers with children have been developed. Classes are conducted both online and offline.

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